Benefits of Rangefinders

Rangefinders are valuable tools that golfers can use to improve their performance and also the overall game.  A rangefinder is a powerful tool that can tell you how close you are to a pin or to an object you’re range finding. The rangefinder can provide a accurate distance reading, usually within a yard or to tenths of a yard, they can read from almost any object in the course, such as the far edge of the dogleg landing, the rocks and any other landmark that stands out.

A rangefinder is able to display a view to accurate distances to objects that are on the golf course. To benefit the most from using a rangefinder it is recommended to accurately measure the average distance by using the rangefinder on safe practise location, starting by hitting the shots with the same club to get an overall average of the good shots.If you have practise grounds that are able to measure the distance around the shots during each round you play.

Enhanced Performance

Because you won’t need to accurately pace out distances from your yard markers, there will be more time to get on with the game without thinking about accurately measuring distances. You would also not be required to spend time with club selection.

One of the great features of rangefinders are that they are able to calculate the effects of slopes and hills, which is a great benefit when golfing. Some brands of rangefinders are able to calculate the elevation of where you are aiming and automatically provides you with a target in the distance.

Better Decisions

Because you won’t have to worry about the distance and club to choose you will feel more confident that you will shoot high and get a good score. You will be able to find out your average performance with your club, which will make you feel confident about the next shots you make.

Keeping track of your average distance for each club using the rangefinder will enable you to keep up with your progress and monitor small improvements you make during the game.

A rangefinder is able to measure the distance to different hazards on the course which would ultimately improve your decision marking when it comes to taking a shot. Measuring the distance needed to clear a fairway bunker can make the planning side of things easier.

A rangefinder is also suitable for gathering distance information to discover how for you have hit each club, with this information you make better decisions and help you in the game.


Most courses allow these devices to be used for distance accuracy and gauging, under the circumstances that it is for casual play only.

Rangefinders can be bought from many online web stores and in store places, however it is important to choose the one that is right for you and that will benefit the most. You want to find the right product before you buy it and the best place the find candid and useful reviews is at: where you can find reviews and comparisons of various rangefinders.