Are You Ready for Six Nations Rugby 2019?

The 2019 event takes place from Friday 1st February to Saturday 16th March. France play Wales at home to start the tournament, England play Scotland at Twickenham to close it.

The Six Nations is one of the most prestigious rugby events in the sport’s calendar and is a defining competition in the northern hemisphere. In 2019, it’s also a chance to hone skills, make final team decisions and claim confidence building wins before September’s Rugby World Cup in Japan.

The Six Nations Rugby championships are played annually in February and March, with England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy competing for the tournament title. Each team plays the others once, with the home or away advantage alternating.

England and Scotland played the first match in what eventually became Six Nations in 1871. In 1883 it became the Home Nations when Ireland and Wales joined the competition. France participated from 1910, then were absent for several inter war years, returning to “Five Nations” after World War 2.

Italy joined in 2000 giving us the Six Nations we enjoy today. Scotland has yet to win a Six Nations, Italy work hard but often find themselves at the foot of the table; England will hope for a better 2019 than Six Nations Rugby 2018 and Ireland will seek to retain their hold on the competition.

Be at the stadium, metres away from the play to absorb the atmosphere; live every try and tackle and see your team win. (Fingers crossed.)

Standard or Exceptional Experience?

You’ll find it a little easier to secure Six Nations tickets than ones for Japan as the World Cup attracted incredible demand, but don’t hesitate to book your place or it may be too late.

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