Benefits For Kids to Start Basketball at a Young Age

When you’re looking for a physical activity for your child to just getting active with, basketball is a great choice. Playing basketball teaches kids to learn team building and also basic coordination. Also, by enrolling them in the sport it encourages them to exercise and to lead an active lifestyle as an adult too.


Some basketball programs start for children as young as just five years old. These younger programs focus on basic skills and have shorter basketball nets. Rule-based play typically doesn’t start till a child is older (2nd to 4th grade, depending on your location).


Children typically need at least one hour of physical activity daily. Kids should engage in vigorous physical activity at least three days of the week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Learning basketball allows kids to incorporate this physical activity into their regular routine and leads to overall better health.

Psychological Development

Playing on a team allows your child to make friends and to feel involved within his age group. Team sports also help to improve their communication. Healthy competition also prepares your children for failure in the future. Social skills and coping strategies taught during basketball can be helpful at home and in relationships too.

Motor Skills

Whether catching, throwing, dribbling or pivoting while playing basketball, these basketball training skills helps to improve a child’s gross motor skills. Young children who play this sport also improve their endurance and flexibility, leading to less injuries.

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